take me out to the drive-in

last weekend, we went to the lynn drive-in, which is the oldest drive-in theater in ohio and the second oldest in the WORLD!! it started showing films in 1937 and hasn't stopped since.

i had only been to one drive-in theater before this one, but i don't remember it... partly because i was hardly 18 and partly because my date and i made out the whole time. haha, i couldn't begin to tell ya what wall-e is about... so it doesn't count, right?!

for this drive-in experience (which i'll just go ahead and call my first*), we picked up pumpkin spice lattes on the way, faced the bed of the truck toward the screen, and cozied up with layers of northface and warm blankets. the sun set as the movie started and then the stars came out. i LOVED it. every minute of it. could someone please explain to me why drive-ins aren't popular anymore? 

after the movie (we saw hit and run!), we went into the concession area and got a little tour of the machinery! the owner's son was more than happy to tell us all about the business, which has been in his family for four generations. i really admired his excitement with it all, because it truly is a special experience. 

here's to hoping it sticks around for many more generations!