and now i'm in ohio!

just in time for the most beautiful time of the year.

i know, i can't even keep up with myself...

i got back to ohio late saturday, and throughout that day i:

woke up late, had coffee on the 32nd floor of an apt on the upper west side, walked through Times Square, shopped at Anthropologie, took pictures in Rockefeller Center, got in free at the Moma, teared up over some post-impressionist paintings, packed and said goodbye to friends, got lost in Queens, caught a flight out of Laguardia during the most beautiful sunset behind the NYC skyline, got a connecting flight in Philadelphia, and had dinner in Massillon, Ohio.

suffice it to say, i'm exhausted. but, i'm not done yet. packing today and hopefully, if everything goes right, Los Angeles tomorrow.

"do it all while you're young," they keep telling me. ;)