as we wait in line for paradise

well the big move keeps getting pushed back thanks to transportation issues.
namely, i still have a car, though i'd like two seats on a plane to the island instead.
as it stands, we won't be moving until the last week of october.

i've chosen to view this little setback as a surprise present* of sorts 
by possibly filling those few weeks with brief trips to see friends in
chicago, nyc, and southern california. fingers crossed!

i've also occupied time by scouring pinterest for ideas on how to cheaply decorate our place in st thomas, to make it feel like home for the six months that we plan to be there. the result: i've essentially planned out every corner of a fictitious apartment that we don't yet have... ah, i'm too much of a dreamer for my own good. in reality, we have no clue what we'll end up in! 

hah, well hopefully these little ideas make a difference no matter where we end up :)

chances are, amber and i will be sharing a room to save on rent. we've done it before (for 4 months in london) 
so we don't mind :) but i like the idea of hanging sheets for a little privacy if/when we need it.

and mosquito nets just make sense. 
in amber's case, they'll keep her from being eaten alive. in my case, i'll admire how dreamy they look around our beds while i feel sorry for amber and her [apparently] tasty blood. the bugs just love her a little too much :(

i fell in love with this mexican serape blanket because it's thin, light, and so colorful!
it'll be a perfect fit for my bed, or to lay out on at the beach.

to save on money and energy (electricity is triple), we'll be clothes-lining it constantly.
if i could manage a set up that^ cute, i wouldn't mind forgetting the convenience of a dryer.

i'm going to rely on small wall art and pretty knick-knacks to make bare walls feel homey. 

and if we can't find walls and all of that fails, we can always do this:

i don't think i'd complain one bit. ;)
jk mom, our friends won't let us be homeless while we house hunt!

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