in NYC, i learned //


-local new yorkers step off the sidewalk while waiting for traffic to pass and pay no mind to crossing signals. they're sort of fearless.

-in manhattan, celebrities walk around like nobody's business. i stood in line at a starbucks on 5th ave right behind Mario Lopez (he is beautiful in person).

-subways are absolutely vital to life in a beautiful and terrifying sort of way. the beauty is in the unparalleled diversity of the people riding the trains and in the efficiency of the transportation. the terror is in the not knowing--not knowing the people all around, not knowing when certain trains will run late or go under construction, not knowing how the toothless homeless lady will react when nobody spares some change for her.

-in new york, you can get away with absolutely anything, fashion wise. most people don't look twice at the most absurd outfits because there, it's just commonplace. that lack of judgement allows for a freedom of expression that i completely adore.

-it's all about who you know. during my stay, i got to skip long lines at swanky bars, drink for free in the meatpacking district, use the restroom in stores that don't normally allow public access, and get into the museum of modern art for free--all just by knowing the right people. (thanks friends, for being awesome and having great connections!)

-new yorkers are not as mean and harsh as they're made out to be. there's a pretty rigid reputation surrounding the average new yorker's attitude, but the majority of people i encountered were exceptionally nice. sure i saw strangers yelling at each other on the subway and a fair share of road rage on the streets, but i learned that so long as there's respect, new yorkers (all humans?) are pretty damn cordial.