a farewell to Lola

dearest lola the corolla,

a couple days ago you went home with new owners--FINALLY!
but just because i never want to see you again doesn't mean i didn't love you. 
i appreciated you, a lot. so i thought i'd write one final goodbye.

Lola, you were a great little lady.
you came into my life at a time that i desperately needed you.
you were modest and supportive and you didn't drink a lot of gas.
you endured my crazy college years and that alone is quite a feat,
because you never got sick or majorly injured during the time you were mine...

well, there was that one time that i left your inside light on all night and you wouldn't wake up to take me to school. (i'm sorry, i know that made you sleepy). and then there was the time at nick's party that i let a boy i hardly knew use you to take his drunk sister home. you were returned to me with a scratch on your face and i felt horrible. but then i pretended like it was a beauty mark to match mine. because it's really no biggie considering what we went through.

Lola, you and i traveled over 33,000 miles together. 

you came with me to school everyday and cooperated when i was speeding because i was late. i'm sorry you had to hear that profanity in FSU parking garages when i couldn't find a spot. one can never be too refined for that sort of frustration. but thanks for providing a quiet place to cram before tests.

you got me to my three different jobs -- at that mall across town, at the leasing office with the steep entrance that scraped your belly sometimes, and at the bar with the other scary cars that often left swerving. that's how you got that tiny dent on your backside. don't worry, you can hardly see it!

you drove me down the long straight path to gainesville and back more times than i can count. you endured the torture of me singing adele at the top of my lungs in a state of euphoria on the open road, and sometimes you heard me sob so hard that i could hardly drive straight. that must've been stressful for you Lola, but i couldn't help it -- i was in love.

you also came with me on many road trips to orlando and deland and daytona. friends joined us on trips to merritt island and bear paw and atlanta. oh and about that fraternity formal in jekyll island... that was called "hot-boxing" and it'll never happen again (i hope!).

but those trips are small potatoes compared to those three times we drove for 18 straight hours to ohio. thanks for being such a trooper, especially through rain and snow! sorry for clutching the steering wheel so tightly while maneuvering through storms and especially through the mountains of west virginia (they terrify me). thanks for letting ryan drive you the whole way to ohio that one thanksgiving. i hope you weren't as scared as i was in the passenger seat. he's a wild driver, that brother of mine.

two of the times we trekked to ohio was to transport almost everything i own -- once before studying abroad in london and again after i graduated. you sure can carry a lot more than your size lets on. and all that packing practice from moving 5 times in 3 years must've helped. 

and Lola, do you remember that time at the end of freshman year when i broke the lease on that apartment and put all my stuff in a storage shed? i was sort of homeless for a month, transitioning between apartments and you were all i had. really, your trunk was my closet. i'll always love you for that, old girl. 

Lola, i couldn't have done any of it without you... literally.
you drove me to an education and an income and to see loved ones.
in return, i left you with plenty of coffee stains to remember me by.

now go treat your new owners well
while i enjoy my new vehicle for the next two years...

xoxo, stefanie