somebody has traveling fatigue

sooo, i was planning on going to Los Angeles tomorrow/this week...

for the past week and a half (while i was in Chicago & New York), i slept on couches. i woke up too early in order to see the sights and stayed out too late, to make memories with strangers. one or the other is fine, but both activities for consecutive days (without napping) is exhausting. this girl loves naps*.

i was severely sleep deprived but masked it with dirty chai teas and vodka redbulls. i had a couple lazy hung-over days in between to rest, but it wasn't enough to keep me jaunting across the country for another week and a half. because the plan was to come back to Ohio for 2 days, pack my bags for the island, take them with me on a vaca to Southern Cali for a week, and then go straight to St Thomas.

today, when i looked at my open luggage (which was still spilling over with clothes that reeked of subway), i thought oh boy, i'm not ready for this trip--

it would be longer and further and cost more. but i started packing anyway, because i'd already planned it with multiple friends and they were expecting me.

then i found out that plans weren't really adding up on all sides and it'd be too hard to maneuver the trip before the move to the island--so i cancelled.

and man am i relieved. i never thought i'd be relieved to not be seeing California, but i need sleep in a real bed before i move to St Thomas, where i'll not have a bed for who knows how long. not that sleep in a bed is even certain for this week.

amber and i are planning to depart for St Thomas on sunday. but mom's itching for a road trip to North Carolina, and i don't know if she'll make it to friday before packing me into the RV and taking me with her a bit closer to where i'm supposed to be anyway. maybe in a few days, i won't mind.

p.s. the above picture is of me in madrid in 2009. we had just flown to Spain from London the day before, and from the US 3 days before that. i was sick & jet-lagged. i wasn't really sleeping, but i probably could've been.