the woes of selling lola

dear pretty reader,

there are a thousand things i'd like to be doing/exploring right now...
waiting around for someone to buy my car is not one of them.

you see, i can't move to the virgin islands, or go anywhere really, until it's sold. so i'm still here in ohio, half-packed and ready to go, but unable to because the money i'm using to move is all in the worth of my car. so i've listed it on craigslist, perched it at the end of the road with a "please buy me" sign, and have showed it to inquiring strangers.

somehow i thought this process would be more exciting, but it's nerve-wracking in the weirdest way.

so far i've experienced:

+ a fair share of scammers and low-ballers. i learned to never even consider the emails with really bad grammar, because it's probably not a human. i wonder if people actually fall for those schemes? with my luck now, a real human with despicable grammar is going to e-mail, genuinely interested in buying, and i'm going to write the poor guy off like a robot. oof.

+ a man came to look at Lola and examined every damn inch of the car. as he circled it, looking at every detail, i automatically hung my head and felt like i was in trouble. no--more than that, i kind of felt violated. because sometimes, especially when i'm driving it for long stretches of road, i think of my car as an extension of my body. so to have that man check it so thoroughly felt a little like a strip search. and i did nottt like it.

+ another man came and said he was completely sold. he was here talking & working out the details of the agreement for a good 3 hours. he assured me--without a doubt--that he'd come with cash the next day to pay me and take dear lola off my hands... that night, mom and i had wine and celebrated. i called friends and talked flying strategies. i made plans to finally start my life.
and then at 10 am the next morning, he texted to tell me he'd changed his mind... :( i honestly felt like i had been broken up with via text. and yeah, i cried like it was a break up, too. ha, car selling heartache.

oh well, and on to the next one, right? to make myself feel better, i bought the domain for the blog :) so there's that.


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