a crush on castaway girl

last week, after filling out about 237 applications around st thomas, our friend Luke invited us on a free snorkel tour "ride along" with the catamaran company he works for. and how could we say no?

he took us along last monday (the 5th) hoping to convince us to apply for a job with him, since they just fired a girl and lost another. but i'd never even been on a sail boat or done any real snorkeling before. i honestly was just grateful for the free experience and didn't intend on applying...

but then, i fell in love.

i fell in love with the sail and the sea.

so the very next day after this ride along, i started training. i dove in head first and i trained for four days straight. i went to bed with sore muscles from lifting up sails, dreamt about tying knots, and woke up eager to get back on the boat.

the past week and a half has been so challenging, in the best ways possible. i'm pushing myself to learn and do things i never saw possible for myself.

never in my wildest dreams did i expect to move to this little island and start training to sail a catamaran, give speeches in front of tourists, and lead snorkel tours. i am completely out of my element... i couldn't be any more out of my element here if i tried. and i absolutely love it.