island time

Life is moving in fast forward.

I still don't have Internet at my apartment so I'm posting from my phone. And the blogger app apparently doesn't like putting my pictures in any sort of order so here's a nice little scramble of my life lately.

I've been on the island for all of a week and a half and in that short time I've slept on an air mattress at a friends house, filled out way too many applications, worked a catering job with a friend of a friend, signed the lease on an apartment with a view ill never get over, started training for a job leading snorkel tours on a catamaran (and basically learned how to sail in just 4 days), became part of a big crew that is outrageously fun and protective over me and bambie, and have probably had more beer everyday than I did in college.

I don't think I could possibly be any happier.