welcoming december

December means I've lived on this rock called St Thomas for an entire month.

December means more cruise ships in the harbor, more tourists on our catamarans, and more money in my pocket (or where one would be--I don't wear clothes with pockets these days).

December means friends at home are shivering and drinking hot cocoa all wrapped up in sweaters and scarves while I'm swimming with sea turtles in my bikini.

December means the winter winds will soon pick up and that damn mooring ball will only get trickier to grab after a long day of work on the water.

December means visits from family members who'll maybe sort of remind us that Christmas is coming.

December means a new month to eat healthier and spend less. And if that fails, January is right around the corner to guilt me into sticking to resolutions.

December hopefully means the month that we get free wifi in our apartment so that I can start sharing more of this unbelievable dream world I'm living in. Maybe documenting it and showing others will make it more real? Cause I'm still not convinced. #toogoodtobetrue
By the way I realize I was terrible at blogging last month but ill be making up for it with a video!! It's so very close to being done, but I'm going to keep tweaking for a couple more days because I want it to be as perfect as my life is in this place.