magen's bay with the babes

magen's bay is known as one of the world's most beautiful beaches. so, i figured i wouldn't be a very good friend if i didn't take christine and hailey there as soon as possible. their second day visiting, we woke up when the roosters cawed, packed salty snacks, and hitchhiked down the windy road to magen's. we spent all day there, and it was flawless--precisely what paradise should be like.

the water was about as flat as a pool, and oh so refreshing. the sun was out to kiss our skin, so we soaked in it as long as we could handle, and then dunked our bodies in the sea to cool off. and luckily it was a "no-ship day", so the beach was relatively quiet (readers, don't EVER go to magen's when there are six ships in the bay--this paradise becomes a vibrant hell).