the coolest cats are of the castaway variety

  1. what happens when you realize you have the best crew in the caribbean and you finally reunite (after weeks of working with other crew mates)?
  1. a stupid, goofy smile is uncontrollably stretched across your face all day long
  2. you accidentally ignore the guests on the boat when you're supposed to be socializing with them, because you're too busy giggling with your crew
  3. you sit on the cabin top by the mast and huddle as you motor sail into the wind
  4. you ALL volunteer to swim for the snorkel tour so you can lead one massive tour with 3 guides, because it's more fun that way
  5. feed each other all of the cookies your captain's wife made in celebration of the crew reuniting
  6. stay on the boat longer than necessary after the trip is over... maybe over a presidente or two
  7. take pictures on your first mate's shoulders and try not to look terrified (naturally)

cast cat is back in action! :)