'what a babe' wednesday

dear strangers,

meet christine --

okay, so 'what a babe' wednesday is not a thing i'm starting up, i promise--but if it were, it'd be fitting if christine were first. in reality, it just happens to be wednesday, and this babe just happens to be flying in to see me tomorrow afternoon!! I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. see, it's spilling out of my fingers and holding down the caps key.

christine will be the first person from my old "real" life to come visit me! she is one of my very best friends and the only girl i still call regularly from high school. that means we've known each other since we were 15 (holy hell, we're getting old). we hosted pep rallies together in high school, partied & took classes together in college, went galavanting throughout London & Paris one spring, and i even convinced her to jump out of a plane with me last august!

i'm eager to find some wild things for us get into while she's here in the caribbean. i'm thinking a day in st john and a day in the british virgin islands. i've heard stories about the infamous soggy dollar bar and i think christine's the right girl to experience that with.

and of course, i really want to take her out on my boat so she can see what i do--perhaps just so i have a witness. i don't know if the people that know me from back home believe what i'm doing here. and i'm not sure i do either.

modest little stefanie is sailing a boat?! whaaat?

maybe introducing someone from my old life to my dream life will make is seem less like a dream and more like a really awesome almost believable reality. juuust maybe.

and then maybe i'll convince her to tear up her ticket home so she can live the dream with me :)