a perfect thursday // the crew's last full day



it was one of those days when i left the house so late, i thought for sure i'd be late to work. and when you're late for work on a boat, there's no catching up--you sort of miss the whole day. but i managed to hitchhike with the nicest west indian lady who took me straight to crown bay, so i wouldn't have to walk or take the safari.

still wearing my warby glasses, i dispatched for our top-rated full-day trip. the sun was already shining and the people were already happy, without my having to rile them up like i usually do. they didn't mind signing their lives away and they adored me immediately (what are the chances?! ha!)--both full proof signs that we were bound to have a perfect day ;)

after i led our group down to the dock, i watched my pretty castaway cat pull in to pick us up. i smiled with such adoring pride as my boys tied the lines. it had been a while since we had all worked together on a full day. so we hugged and greeted each other and then welcomed our guests on the boat.

as we started pouring waters for the guests, jordan tossed me my favorite cliff bar and tony slid me a tostitos jar full of coffee he brought for me from home. i sometimes bring the boys snacks so it warmed my heart to the core that these not-so-openly-sensitive guys were both thoughtful enough to return the favor. granted, it was pretty weird that the only container tony could find to put coffee in was a tostitos jar, but i thought it was hilarious and really enjoyed the confused looks i got from guests when they saw me drinking out of it. points for creativity?!

it was one of those days where the boys were in such amped up moods that they wouldn't let me raise a single sail. i like raising the sails, but there's something so gentlemanly about the boys insisting on it, that i couldn't help but let them. they had all this happy energy to exert and it showed in how quickly those sails went up.

and when we got to the cove, the water was so clear and beautiful that tony and jordan and i didn't have to rock-paper-scissors for snorkel tours, because we ALL wanted badly to get in. so tony and i did a tour together and took turns pointing out things to our guests. the reef was more alive than it's ever been, and i think i was more fascinated with it than the people we were leading.

at honeymoon beach, we anchored in perfectly. it was a hot day with no wind, so the water was as flat and clear as glass. i gave jordan and tony a ball to play with and they immediately morphed into hyper puppies. i threw the ball to them from the boat while they tackled each other for it in the water below. when the guests finished their lunch, a bunch of them joined in. me and a drunk older gentleman were soon throwing down balls to 15 people in the water and catching them in our hats.

after the trip, we dropped the guests off at crown. and after 6 hours together, the guests tend to say goodbye to us crew as if we've known each other forever and we'll see each other again. i think rum punch has something to do with that. either way, i like it.

when we got back on the mooring ball, me and the boys all cracked open beers and sat beneath the cabin top talking and laughing and reminiscing because we all knew captain tom had just put in his notice and would be leaving within the month. and then they knew i was leaving a little after that. and so we all silently confronted the ugly truth that we would all be splitting up soon---that this seamless dynamic we worked months to perfect would soon be but a dream-like memory or an ideal that we'd long for in future working environments... or ANY environment, for that matter.

so we masked the impending sadness with laughter and embraced the moment. those moments, hanging out with my crew over shift beers on the boat, are some of my favorite. because of that, we decided to drag it on into the night. jordan and i went to redhook to pick up my cpr card, but ended up bar hopping and shopping and sitting down to a sushi dinner, too.

then we safari'd back to havensight to meet up with tony for more drinks. we spent hours of the night around a table at doghouse, before heading back to jordan's house on the south side. we sat on his balcony overlooking the gleaming harbor and smoked cigarettes and talked about life.

"i could hang out with you guys forever," tony said in the middle of a conversation about our purpose here. and then we discussed how we couldn't believe it was all coming to an end, because it feels like it only just started. i made them promise to keep in touch with me, since i'm so terrible about keeping in touch, even with people that i love so much. they swore they'd come find me, wherever i'd venture off to, or that we'd all meet up somewhere in the world. somewhere new. somewhere not st thomas.

and even if those promises don't come true. even if we don't all stay as close as we've become in this little place, there's comfort in the hope and in the knowing that we care enough to want to. but that sometimes, life gets in the way. and that's okay.