do the soggy dollar

this is how we jost ;)

yesterday, we got on a boat without a name and headed to a place we'd never been.

boats without names are bad luck and the guy driving said badluckboat was hitting the swells a little too fast for comfort on the way there. but the final destination was totally worth the overwhelming adrenaline rush/temporary fear of death---it was nothing a good painkiller couldn't fix, straight from the bar where the drink was created.

so jost van dyke is the smallest of the main british virgin islands. it's mostly uninhabited (except for a few hundred people), and consists of a couple famous beaches lined with bars. we went to jost for their infamous new year's eve (old year's night) party, but had yet to see it during the day. so me and five friends packed up an 18-foot boat and pointed the bow northeast.

i couldn't wait to experience  soggy dollar bar---a bar on a beach that's only accessible by sea. there's nowhere to dock a boat, so everyone visiting must anchor in and swim to shore. the inevitably sopping-wet money exchanged gave soggy dollar its name.

yesterday was an ordinary sunday, yet the beach on jost was crowded with sun-kissed people, the vibrant waters were swaying with boats of all sizes, and there were so many anchor lines sticking out of the sand that walking a few yards was like playing hopscotch.

it felt a little like a music video and a lot like one of the best days of my life.