get to know me

it looks like i've collected a few new readers around these parts, so i figured i'd say a special hello and share some things about myself, so that when you click on my little link, you'll feel more like you're reading about a friend than some random girl behind digital words.


+ i'm all of 22, but sometimes i feel 5 and sometimes i feel 40.

+ i like sailing and free diving and hitchhiking and skydiving and driving really fast.

+ i don't believe in brushing my hair // but i do believe in the power of mascara.

+ i adore how sweet and vulnerable boys look when they're sleeping.

+ i'm up for drinking a dirty chai tea at any time of the day.

+ i tend to become the best of friends with people who are painfully honest.

+ i once studied literature in london for 4 months. that's where i fell in love/caught the travel bug.

+ i have an irrational fear of the dark & sleep with a nightlight.

+ i fly standby/non-revenue because my dad works for usairways // my benefits end when i turn 24, so i'm in a mad dash to use them as much as i can for the next year.

+ i used to be pretty shy, and now i say speeches in front of strangers all the time.

+ i sometimes think i could get a tattoo, but i know i'll never like anything long enough to want it on my skin.

+ i use every excuse possible to eat chocolate // any holiday will do.

+ i want to volunteer on farms around the world because i have faith in the organic movement // i believe in buying local as opposed to big agriculture.

+ i believe in eating green vegetables and staying vertical and getting plenty of sunlight.

+ and the inherent good in all people. i believe in that the most.