scenes from sapphire beach

i don't think i've ever posted pictures of my sapphire apartment. amber and i shared that little st vincent studio for 4 months. for the first month or so we even shared the bed... and then we realized the couch was a pull-out and every bit as comfortable as the damn bed ;) haha!


we grew to love our little space so much. because the inconveniences that came along with the apartment (zero privacy, high energy bill, lack of internet, uncomfy beds) were all forgotten when we took a peek at that incredible view. i didn't ever mind waking up at the crack of dawn to go to work when i opened my eyes to all those beautiful colors.


and it was safe and convenient. we were on the safari route, so we rarely had to hitchhike. we had a cute little gated community. redhook was right down the road. and the beach was a 5 minute walk away.


we would have friends come over on days off to hang out and play volleyball on the beach. we would go snorkeling on days off too, in case we didn't get enough of that while working ;) and i really loved being able to take long phone calls down by the water while the sun was setting.


if you ever get a chance to live near a large body of water, take it. there's something so healing about the presence of water nearby. perhaps it's just the perspective of how small you are against the great mass of it, which makes anything troubling you seem pretty insignificant.

it does wonders for the soul.