using music as a substitute

i've had a lot of people ask me recently where i am and where i'm going next and how i feel about leaving the island. i'm overwhelmed with how much i'd like to express about... all of it. there's a lot of thought and reflection involved in big transitions like this.

and truth be told, i feel like i've just ended a six month long, wild love affair with that small dreamlike place that made up my whole universe. the things i experienced there are unlike anything i can relate to anywhere else. in fact, it's a bit of a culture shock being back in the states.

i know i'm off to bigger, more foreign things, but it's all still very vague. it's been tough to focus or make room for excitement.

so while words are currently failing me, i'll turn to music. here are a few songs that, for whatever reason, feel to me the way i feel about leaving. so here you have some seemingly sappy tunes. i swear i'm not meaning to be emo--these songs really reassure my happiness. it's just a medley of bittersweet melodies, i think. happy goodbyes with a side of uncertainty, perhaps.