life is beautiful // and oh, how it was

back in october, i volunteered for the first annual Life is Beautiful festival in downtown las vegas. i actually quit the spiritless retail job i had at the time, because they told me that i was absolutely not allowed to attend... some experiences in life are just too significant to miss out on, ya know? especially when whatever was holding you back was just an unhappy obligation in the first place. thank you Life is Beautiful, for being a VERY welcome (and badass) excuse to get outta there ;)

i won't bore you with geeky descriptions or shaky pixelated videos, but i WILL tell you that i had the best job a volunteer could have, and that i got to watch every artist i wanted to see (kings of leon, the killers, vampire weekend, portugal. the man, passion pit, etc.), and that my spot at the ADA access ramp had a better view than VIP... i seriously don't know how i got so lucky?! it felt borderline UNfair (so i picked up trash in between sets, to try and feel like i was actually earning it---plus it was fun! random drunk people joined in! haha). 

the best thing about the festival is what it did to improve the downtown area's economy and overall beauty. a bunch of really talented artists came and painted/sprayed/smudged some stunning murals around the festival area. and hallelujah, they are here to stay! 

downtown vegas was considered "the place to avoid" for as long as i can remember, so it's really gratifying to witness its transformation into this inspiring, art-splattered new hangout.