snow globe on main street

and then north canton turned into a glittering snow globe. just before my unplanned departure.

my life is so much like a movie sometimes that i really seriously wonder at the possibility that there are secret people writing the details of all these wild things that happen to me. a script of twist and turns---atrocious lows, and their compliment of highs. i imagine these secret people watching, and laughing all the while.

...because all of these congruencies and serendipities, though frequent, still constantly baffle me.

like when i just happen to meet the perfect people at the perfect time. ALL THE TIME. and when awful things happen to propel me toward something infinitely more challenging and demanding, and thereby WAY more rewarding. and when I'm going through a significant change and the weather responds in the most appropriate way. and when the person i least expect to get close to suddenly rescues me and nurtures me and surprises me with all of the qualities I didn't know i needed all along.

when you open yourself up to the workings of fate, it has a funny way of making every little thing magical. i am so grateful.