scenes from las vegas


1. in october, i drove a vehicle for the first time in exactly a year! i'd like to say i'm still a good driver, but i think i terrified everyone who got in that car with me (including myself)...

2. when christine visited, she and a bunch of friends stayed in a suite in mandalay bay. i took full advantage of their view!

3. i had my first ever vegas club experience with christine. and while it was fun (and free), i can't say i'll do it again. i'm more of a quiet corner pub kinda gal ;)

4. i worked in the forum shops at caesar's palace for all of three weeks before the superficiality of it all really got to me. materialism is gross.

5. this is my favorite of the new downtown murals! the details are outta control. thanks again to life is beautiful!

6. i discovered this perfect little coffee shop during the festival and fell so in love. there was a handsome local man playing piano in the corner. i was slightly tempted to skip the crowded concert i was planning to see, in favor of that quaint string-light comfort (but it was alabama shakes, so of course i went ;) .

7. the festival also introduced me to the nearby arts district that i was unaware even existed. i went for first fridays by myself and talked to everyone who crossed my path. and then i met an artist whose story and charisma struck such a chord in me that i started crying 5 minutes into our long, heartfelt conversation. it was the strangest thing---i'm not sure i've ever been so inspired.