surprise, st thomas!

a little less than two weeks ago, i surprised an entire island (and maybe myself a bit, too) with my return to st thomas :)

suffice it to say that things did not work out in the states. i'm not very good at working/living/existing in places that make me less than happy. and the american lifestyle i was used to living before i left doesn't seem to satiate me the way i've recently been satiated in europe and the caribbean. perhaps i just haven't found the right fit for me in the states yet. i'm confident that will come in time. but right now there is a furnace inside my heart and it's whispering to me, "don't you dare settle!"

i have an inextinguishable urge to explore as many new things as possible, before any long-term settling ensues. so i have returned to the caribbean to work for a couple months, learn to sail a monohull and surf, work on my photography, and (most importantly!) spend some quality sunshine time with my favorite humans on this deep blue planet :)

because this island is home to the liveliest, happiest, purest, most beautiful community of people i've ever known. it thrills me beyond belief to see how excited they are to have me back. thanks to their love, friendship and generosity, i'm already working and learning and laughing so much that i am downright exhausted! in the best way possible :)

i have plans to volunteer in costa rica at the end of february, and will wander onward from there. but if things continue to feel this good in st thomas, i'll be sure to return for a third winter ;)