a visit to a gypsy in jacksonville

in an october in-between, i spent a few days with one of my favorite humans in jacksonville, florida. it was a visit we each needed more than we knew. 

you might remember shannon from our fun in barcelona or our reunion in paris. i met her this summer in spain, and was so happy to see her again in the states. we reflected on our travels, and how certain principles are transferring over into our lives now. what to do with them. what they'll do with us. she's an elementary art teacher now, and i had the delight of sitting in on her class for a day. she's teaching little tikes how to appreciate the beauty that's available around the world, and i'm not sure there's a more important job than that. 

we spent hours in coffee shops, walking down overgrown sidewalks, in dark garage-grunge bars, and on her stoop beneath the stars, just TALKING. ohhh the joy of talking to someone who relates to you on so many levels. is there anything more wonderful in this world?

i adore this gypsy soul, and am so grateful we've become so close so quickly. it's one of those friendships that just click without question. one that feels like they've been there forever. one you know you can count on lasting despite the confines of time and space. i love you forever, my sweet shanz!