i won the momma lottery

for the past couple days, for reasons that have nothing to do with mother's day, we've all been watching home videos from when ryan and i were wee little toddlers. we've been laughing hysterically at all of the funny things our mini selves did...

like when i tried to get into the toy stroller that was meant for my baby dolls. and when ryan tried 7 different ways to sit in a chair before finally getting it right and resting with the widest triumphant smile. and when i ran to throw my mom a floatie because she was swimming in the deep end and i was worried. and when ryan started calling me "feffy" because he couldn't pronounce "stefanie"... *yes, that nickname has become something of a fixture in my life--friends love to latch onto it.*

but more importantly, those home videos showed proof of what a flawless momma my dear mother was. not that i needed reminding--i'm witness to her wonderful spirit everyday. but there's something about seeing her interact with us from an outside perspective that makes me extra appreciative of all that she's done.

and what a BEAUTY, amiright?

so yesterday i had the unique opportunity to spoil my mom ON mother's day because we were in the same town for once! i surprised her in the morning with a huge bouquet of flowers and a card. i treated her to breakfast and a dinner. and we spent the entire day in front of the fireplace talking about motherhood and growing up and why people are the way they are. always enlightening, that mother of mine.

here's a post from last year's mother's day. and here are my fav posts on my mom: this one and this one and this one.

mom, you're great. i love you.