to create a global community

since i've been back in ohio and away from the things that kept my brain from working properly on the island -- namely the overwhelming aches of sun lethargy and constant dehydration and minor alcoholism -- i've had the opportunity to use my brain for useful things, like reading literature and forming intellectual thoughts... impressive, right?!

so i just recently finished Kerouac's On the Road  (the original scroll). in general, i loved it. i love the rawness of it. i love the fact that he wrote it all on one long piece of paper to symbolize the open road. i appreciate the overall adventure and the yearning and the total lack of inhibitions. but more than anything, i'm left with this incredible envy at the inspiring community the beatniks created. because I WANT THAT IN MY LIFE.

not only were these crazy talented artists able to road trip together, they happened to have friends in major cities across america for their convenience and/or entertainment. the beatnik gang spread their vibes all over the country and created a community of like-minded people.

now that i'm older and out of college, i'm starting to realize how spread out some of my connections are. i'm beginning to see friends suddenly sprout up around the country, and even around the world. i already have friends urging me to visit them in so many different places, and there is nothing more exciting! by traveling abroad and volunteering, i hope to make more friends and create a sort of global network of people i love

i signed up for while i was living in the virgin islands. i figured it'd take a while to establish a presence there, but almost immediately i started getting requests for help from hosts all around the world. i've received personal messages from india and germany and chile and finland and canada and argentina annnd i am altogether overwhelmed. there are so many possibilities that i don't know where to start!

i've spent a lot of time debating and strategizing which part of the world would make sense first, but i'm currently at a complete standstill. i figure something perfect will soon fall in my lap and make me feel silly for even worrying about it. kind of like how moving to St Thomas and starting the boat job was thrown at me. i almost had no choice in those matters... and i wouldn't have had it any other way. 

i like being smacked around by fate every now and then ;)