loving in circles, playing in squares

arguably my favorite night in barcelona was the night we all stayed in gracia and hung out in plaza del sol. we sat in the spot where i met everyone on my first day in the city. but by then, our group had expanded. and it grew even more as the sun sank behind the buildings, casting long shadows on the square. by the time the surrounding windows started glowing, our party tornado had upgraded to hurricane status. that night, we were constantly pulling people in, and we allowed ourselves to get pulled in to other whirlwinds, too.

after about three rounds of beers, the square was suddenly filled with vibrating guitar strings and loud voices and dancing bodies. the whole place was glowing. we circulated between different groups of music and we made some of our own. guys passed instruments around and girls danced flamenco. twister appeared out of nowhere and everybody lost. we shared besos and everyone was outrageously happy.

and as you can tell by our smartly designed couchsurfing sign, none of us really had a place to stay that night. pol's roommates weren't having it, so we meant to ask around the square, but something in the voll-damm made us all forget.

in the end, a couple people were able to stay at pol's and a couple at isabel's. meanwhile, a few of us mayyy or may not have hopped the fence to a park and slept in hammocks in the trees... only to be awoken by police men on horses at 9 in the morning. 

and after the night we had, it took a moment to comprehend that there were horse faces at eye-level with us in our hammocks... on the bright side, spanish horse cops are surprisingly kind. it gave us something to laugh about for the entire walk back to gracia :) and perhaps the rest of our lives.