"wanna come see the gypsy king's warehouse?"

...is not a question i get asked very often.

so to this i said, "i thought you'd never ask!" 

so i'm still not totally sure who this "gypsy king" is and how my couchsurfing host knows him. maybe because his warehouse is right around the corner from her apartment. maybe they're in gypsy cahoots. either way, we went.

before we left, isabel's roommate warned us, "whatever you do, don't loan him any money." would he really ask for money?  i'm assuming the roommate learned the hard way. 

when we got there, the gypsy king greeted us with the widest grin and smiling eyes. he opened his arms and gestured for us to come in. he showed us around his space and all of the random artifacts stuffed into it, speaking spanish to vlad all the while. vlad wasn't too diligent about translating so i kind of guessed at what was going on, making up stories in my mind about where all the stuff came from.  

and the entire time we were touring, there was a guy standing at the door like some sort of look out. or, for all i know, he was waiting for friends. my imagination takes over sometimes.

after a look around, we took a seat and the gypsy king sang us a couple songs. as he was singing, i found such happiness and sincerity in face. and i decided that i like him. 

also, the entire time we were in the warehouse, i was eying this coat that reminded me of the one penny lane wore in almost famous. while we were sitting, i touched at it and the gypsy king urged me to try it on. 

next thing i know he's offering it to me for 10 euros. that's a steal! ...i wonder if it's stolen. it's so unique. but what would i do with this heavy coat while i'm traveling?  

 and then he offered it to me for 5 euros and i started digging through my bag for the money. i mean how could i say no? when someone asks me where i got that coat, i get to say, "a gypsy king in barcelona gave it to me for 5 euros!"

yes. i live for stories like this.