alone in barcelona

i've been extra, extra spontaneous lately.

i booked a flight to paris for tomorrow morning! so i hopped on a bus out of the mountains and back into barcelona today. and i decided a day alone in barcelona means a day of unobstructed exploration. so after brunch in a gaudi-inspired cafe, i walked through gracia to park guell in search for some color.

i'm not a huge fan of gaudi's famous sagrada familia. i've seen pictures of it and i saw it from my bus coming in. there's nothing very elegant or beautiful about it--it really reminds me of beeswax. this park, on the other hand, is magnificent. there are colors and curves and patterns. it feels a lot like walking through a dream world.  

i had so much fun wandering around this huge park today. i was able to marvel at my own pace.

i sat at the high point with the crosses, ate brie cheese, and watched people take pictures in front of the view. i sat next to a busker from tennessee for a couple songs, gave him some change, and went on my way. i saw a girl taking a picture of her two friends jumping, so i offered to take a picture of all three. they then insisted on taking one of me, so. there ya go. i somehow ended up with more pictures of myself than i would've if i were with other people!

if you're ever in barcelona, this place is a must.