strobe lights in the sky

on my flight from charlotte to dallas a few days ago, the captain announced an epic lightening show going on over a long stretch of louisiana. if you ever get the chance to see a lightening show from 30,000 feet, do yourself a favor and STARE AT IT. seriously. whatever you're reading or writing or dreaming about is in NO WAY cooler or more important than eye-level lightning. it is UN.REAL.

on this particular night in the sky, the lightening was so widespread and sporadic that there was constantly at least one area of the sky flashing. and since i was listening to my ipod, it looked like mother nature's version of an itunes visualizer. it seemed to flash to the beat of my music perfectly.

i listened to arcade fire and foals and imagined the state of louisiana having one gigantic rave down below. the lightening acting as strobe lights striking to the beat of the particular songs i was hearing. like my music was manipulating the electricity. or maybe the lightening knew the songs. 

i really wish i could've captured this experience with more than a couple blurry pictures and inadequate words. because i had an epic party in the sky and i was the only one invited. i think i was the only person on the plane with my face pressed against that circular window for the entire hour that it was happening. i had sleepy passengers all around me, volts of powerful electricity parallel to me, and good music in my ears. as if it was all especially choreographed for my enjoyment. mother nature rocks.