a status from the 1st of july: giving thanks to paris

"it's strange to be in a completely different world today after 3 weeks of hearing nothing but french! PARIS, YOU WERE SO GOOD TO ME. I FEEL SO SPOILED. i arrived alone and lost, without a place to stay. i walked up to a big beautiful group of parisian strangers partying on the seine and they immediately accepted me. i spent a week and a half with the most giving and awesome host imaginable. i partied on the river and on the metro and in a skate park and in underground bars and in the streets with bands of music from around the world. i was introduced to the coolest, well-traveled, multilingual people. i was cooked for and catered to and cuddled. i felt the culture through and through... MERCI, MES AMIS. and now i'm in amsterdam, about to shower (with conditioner!!) and do laundry(!!!), and drink fancy coffee while i upload pictures of these dreamlike experiences... my cup runneth over."