the thing about shoes...

we've noticed a couple things about shoes in europe...

first of all, most guys in europe wear nicer shoes on the regular than american guys ever do. hell, nicer shoes than i ever do! noelle and i realized we can always tell a european from an american just by looking at their shoes. sperrys? american! old tennis shoes when you're clearly not running or working out? american! nicer shoes than i own? euroooopean.

yep, i'm impressed. 

secondly, i see shoes laying around unattended ALL THE TIME. and i think,  what happened here? there's a story behind this!  and sometimes,  are they my size?! 

sometimes there's just one. sometimes there's a pair. but it's never in a place where someone could've possibly thought,  yep this is a good spot! i'll come back for these bad boys later.  

scotty saw a pair in a corner of paris and imagined some drunk woman kicking them off and saying "fuck! this!" with a word for each kick, before continuing on her way barefoot and relieved... haha!

i haven't seen anyone ditching their shoes in the street yet, but i'd sure like to. and i'm hoping i'll maybe stumble upon a pair i like. because my shoes are now falling apart and i'd like some new ones ;)