partying like a parisian

i'm interrupting this blog's regularly scheduled broadcasting AGAIN to share pictures from paris! i finally got these sent to me by emily, after weeks of her roughing it through europe without internet! 

these are from an "electronic dance party/barbecue" in a skatepark in paris... not many tourists can say they've seen something like this, amirite?  

i'm so incredibly grateful that my two weeks in paris were spent staying with the locals and living like they do -- and that they took me along to all of these mind blowing parties that i never would have been able to experience otherwise.

this particular party felt like a real-life music video. there was colorful graffiti covering every square inch of this park where parisian punks were skating back and forth, weaving between people passing in and out of the party. in the corner of the skatepark there was a dj stand set up, with the most eccentric, awesome looking artists spinning and jamming out. there were tons of people dancing in between the dj stand and the skaters. and on the other side of them were a couple of grills smoking and filling the air with the smell of meat.

i walked into this epic, unusual environment and just stood there, looking up with my mouth open in awe... and then i walked over and kissed my french boy -- who was standing there smiling at me with his gray hoody on -- as a sort of thank-you-for-letting-me-be-a-part-of-this kiss. an i-love-your-culture-and-this-is-awesome kiss. a this-moment-is-so-unique-and-i-never-wanna-forget-it kiss.