::tap tap:: is this thing on?


this phrase has popped up in my inbox a few times in the past couple weeks. i'd like to take this moment to apologize for my absence, but not very sincerely. i can't say i'm verrry sorry that i've been busy galavanting across europe and having the TIME OF MY LIFE. 

luckily for you, i'm now sick with a wicked head cold in amsterdam.  so although it's been sunny outside for the past few days (which NEVER happens in the netherlands!), i've locked myself inside and vowed to dig through the crowded hard drive that is my brain in order to deliver to youuu some crazy cool stories about what the hell i've been up to.

so sit tight and get ready for posts about couchsurfing, hitchhiking, picnics on the seine, french lovers, underground bars, falling for strangers, riding on bikes with dutch guys, "coffee shops", run-ins with the authorities, and partying in tunnels and on metros and in skate parks and on rooftops with people from all over this pretty little world.