apero metro party

i almost left paris for amsterdam earlier in the week, when my original host had to go out of town to visit family. but luckily! my new french couchsurfing friends INSISTED that i stay one last weekend for this "apero metro party" that Welly had planned. and when a self-proclaimed "party-maker" in paris personally invites you to an event that hundreds of other people are going to, you really HAVE to go.

and thanks to this metro party keeping me in paris a couple extra days, i was able to  meet up with noelle and secure a place to stay in amsterdam! and she was able to come to this epic party with me! so it was a win, win, win, win situation. ;)

so the "apero" part of the party title meant that we were starting the night with a sort of appetizer picnic. it was the perfect start to the event because it allowed time for everyone to meet up, get to know each other, and pass around countless bottles of cheap red wine. 

at about 9 pm, everyone at this picnic in the park made their way to the bercy metro station, where more party people were waiting to meet up with us.  then, this huge group of at least 100 people, made their way down into the station. everyone started getting giddy as the halls narrowed and our sound amplified. by the time we spilled out into the previously empty bercy metro stop, the rowdiness was infectious. and then came our train... then came the victims, the people traveling home from work in a half-stupor, who were soon to be bombarded by a mass of thumping drunk partiers.

we all rushed onto the train and filled two whole compartments of it. so full that there was hardly room to move. hardly room for the doors to shut. it reminded me of rush hour in the london underground, but this time everyone was interacting. there was nobody nervously avoiding eye contact. no shoulders bent inward. nobody reading or dozing off...

and then the music started. chloe and noelle and i stood on the seats and held onto the roof. i looked over a sea of bobbing heads and gripping hands and tipped up bottles. we swayed with the music and with the movements of the train, and somehow we didn't fall. every time we reached a new spot and the doors opened, more people would join us and we would all cheer. and when we reached the end of the line, we simply all got off together, went out, turned around, and went right back in the other way.

complete madness.

i couldn't have asked for a better last night in paris.