the night i'm STILL recovering from...

our very first night in berlin, our couchsurfing hosts threw a huge party at their flat. before it started, i wondered how a party would even fit in the relatively-big-but-still-european-sized apartment. how many people are coming? where will everyone sit? will it get busted?

at 9 pm, eccentric hipster friends started buzzing in with bottles in hand. by midnight, there were at least 50 people packed into the confines of those narrow walls.

at first, everyone was sober and self-conscious about their english. so i listened to quite a bit of fun german conversation and observed these beautiful friends with such appreciation. soon enough, curious germans sat next to me and asked about my life. i've found that many europeans are better at speaking english than they give themselves credit for. especially considering what poor english i've heard in our own country, haha!

we laughed and played games and shared stories about travel. new friends poured mixed drinks into the disney princess cup that i picked out of the cupbard and held onto for the entire night. so i didn't keep track of what i was drinking one bit.

we drew pictures on the chalkboard, talked on stairways, smoked in the kitchen, and drunkenly belted out old backstreet boys songs in the living room. it was such silly fun.

the party lasted until 7am... and after everyone cleared out, my hosts insisted on THEN going to a night club... morning club?? they begged me to come along, to get the "real berlin experience". so i went and ohmygod do i regret it. okay, regret is a strong word, which i don't like using... but yes. yes, i do.

let's just say this night/morning caused me the WORST hangover i have ever ever EVER had. noelle and i were almost completely incapacitated for two whole days afterward. which unfortunately really limited our berlin explorations. are we getting too old for this sort of thing? i don't know! maybe we americans just can't hang. 

either way, the awful, torturous feeling i brought on myself only reminded me of how TOXIC alcohol is. whyyyy would i do that to myself?! my poor body!

its been almost 3 weeks since this night and i haven't been able to drink since... im thinking of making it a trend.