beerfest and maltese blasphemy

cedric, the videographer we met at the patches art festival, invited us to join him and his friends at a beer festival to try some local brews and watch their friend's bands perform.

this was our first time feeling fully immersed into a mass of maltese culture.  cedric introduced us to all of his friends and i just thought they were all so beautiful. the girls danced confidently and sang so sweet on stage. the boys bought us beers and did flamboyant american accents to make us all laugh.

but what i loved most was hearing everyone talk to each other in their unique language. because maltese is like nothing i've ever heard before---a mix between italian and arabic! so there are a lot of arabic sounding words and crazy spellings, but with that lovely italian inflection. 

naturally, i insisted on learning every maltese curse word/phrase in existence. but holy hell, are there a LOT! maltese has some of the most elaborate, offensive, and kind of impressive cursing known to man. so cedric and his friends taught us a few of the easier ones. noelle and i repeated these fun new words throughout the night, like potty-mouthed little mocking birds, and everyone laughed at how well we pronounced them. kind of like when toddlers discover curse words for the first time and it's weirdly cute---but then you have to tell them to stop, because sometimes yelling god damnit in public just isn't appropriate. yeah, it was like that.

when i got home, i skyped with amber and taught her what i learned, since she's pretty fond of cursing too ;) cedric laughed at this, because i was "spreading maltese blasphemy far and wide!"