wine talks and sunrise walks in malta

my last week in malta, noelle left to northern italy to meet up with vlad, and i had the penthouse all to myself. it was the first time i'd been totally alone in MONTHS. at first i twirled through those empty rooms, to soak in that rare feeling of not interfering in anyone's else's space. and then a few hours passed and i was over it. what good are large places if they aren't filled with friends?

i was soooo happy when scarlett arrived a couple days later for a vaca away from school in amsterdam.

a familiar face in a very foreign land.

one night, we sipped wine in the cobalt blue dining room and talked about everything under the sun. she told me about school and i told her about travel plans. we talked about relationships, past and present, romantic and platonic. we agreed on the curious magic of a good french man. we talked of all kinds of philosophies and had many "ah-ha!" moments and new realizations. we wondered at what exactly motivates people to not  follow their dreams.

we accidentally wondered and sipped and laughed until that odd hour of the morning so close to sunrise that you know you'd be a fool to fall asleep and miss the show.

so we walked along the silent sliema waterfront, not talking, in awe of the scene. the tide made the sweetest lapping sounds against the rocks. and the sun emerged, gentle and delicate.

it lit up the sky and we went off to sleep with dreams of whimsy.