adventures in normandy

before i left europe, i took one last trip to see a boy i knew in a ritzy little beach town, nestled in the northwest corner of france. we spent a week lounging on the colorful beaches of deauville, cooking the most delicious food i never knew i loved, dancing with new friends who only spoke french, and exploring some surrounding views of normandy. 

we spent a day at les falaises d'etretat. and it was one of the most beautiful days of my whole summer.

^^ note: the tiny black hole at the top of this cliff? we sat on the edge of it. see: 4 photos down.

we drove over big bridges and through small villages, past fields of cows and down dirt roads, until we reached the cliffs on the coast. our first glimpse of them from a hidden spot at the end of a narrow road we weren't supposed to go down. i stepped toward the edge and lost my breath. 

we drove a little further, until we reached the trail. we walked along winding coastline covered in the softest grass. when we reached a spot with a view we couldn't pass up, we laid down and soaked it all in. we smoked a cigarette and talked about the connectedness of everyone, while seagulls circled overhead and laughed at our theories. the sun wasn't too high and the temperature in the breeze was just right, so we fell in and out of sleep on the side of the cliff. 

we kept walking along the procession of strangely shaped cliffs that jutted out of the shoulder of france. we found a hole near the top of one and filled it with our cautious bodies. the exhilaration of sitting on the edge of that space, after having just seen the immensity of it from afar...

i giggled with anxiety, at the ironic realization that beneath all of the hard-carved passions and aggressions and self-involved emotions of our day-to-day, WE ARE SO FRAGILE. and so very small.  

he and i went down to the town and perched ourselves on its smooth pebble beach. people all around us watched the sunset. and i watched the people watching the sunset. and he skipped the stones across the curling waves, over my head. 

he treated me to dinner at a cafe on the beach. the sun went down and the cold set in. we drove back down pitch black roads all the way to deauville. i was reminded of georgia. i envisioned the starry pastures of florida. i missed long road trips to the north. i longed for those seamless in-betweens.

and just like that, i was ready to go home.