dirty pop

our berlin couchsurfing hosts were two german girls with an apartment in the hippest area of the artsy east side. 

our hosts had an awesome, huge place (as far as european apartments go--and their rent was cheaper than what i paid for my college apartment!). every bit of space had some kind of creative decor.  

the hallway was plastered with pictures of american pop icons, torn out of the pages of teen magazines--pictures of celebrities i hadn't thought of since middle school! the kitchen had a larger-than-life poster of bowl-headed bieber, other posters stolen on nights they can't quite remember, and half of a mannequin leg.

one wall of the living room held a map of the world with flags that showed their obsession with american culture stemmed from quite a few visits to the states. the adjacent wall was filled with black and white photobooth strips of friends, taken on the way to clubs. another wall had chalkboard paint with a "your mom" joke written in german. and some more stolen signs, of course.

it's strange how this foreign apartment, filled with familiar things, felt all the more strange because of the american stereotypes we're now not used to seeing.