scenes from 9th floor sliema

1 & 2. the view i drooled over for over two weeks. // 3. noelle swimming in the sea. // 4. two of the loveliest people i've ever met. // 5. saying goodbye. // 6. the dining room where we spent hours upon hours talking. // 7 & 8. the little prince we took care of. // 9 & 10. creativity. // 11 & 12. dinners on that balcony. // 13. my favorite spot to write. // 14 & 15. my bed & to the roof. // 16. a view i could never grow tired of. 

kees and mich left us their perfect home and perfect view and perfect puppy for two whole weeks. mich also gave us a phone when we went hitchhiking form amsterdam to berlin, so that we'd be safe. he bought our plane tickets to malta. kees made sure we had leftovers of her brilliant cooking. and they even gave noelle and i each money, so that we'd be able to explore the island...

unbelievable. all these gifts would thrill anyone, really, am i right? but it wasn't the gifts, it was the circumstances in which they were given---it was the kindness and selflessness and sincerity behind them---that left me feeling so inspired. 

all i could do was stutter out "th-thank you. i... i. am eternally grateful." to which mich simply requested that i just keep smiling throughout life. god, how could i not, knowing people like them exist?