galavanting around gozo!

when i got to malta, all of my facebook friends who knew what malta was (about .008% of them) said GO TO GOZO. so, to gozo we went.

gozo is another maltese island, just a short ferry ride away from the big island. it's almost exactly like malta except that it's... more perfect. and by that i just mean it's a lot less populated and therefore, more beautiful. cause those things tend to go hand in hand these days.

but gozo is maybe best known as the home of calypso! in homer's the odyssey , calypso keeps odysseus captive here for yeeears as her man slave until zeus reprimanded her and she reluctantly set him free.

noelle and i were planning to naively go to gozo alone, without a way to get around the island (we had no idea the public transportation isn't as fun as it sounds). but LUCKILY, that same cool videographer we met at the art festival mentioned that he needed to spend a day in gozo taking test shots for an upcoming project! so we spoiled girls got to tag along with him to the most beautiful, picturesque parts of gozo all day. 

^^^ those coastal cliff structures and salt pans were buh-reathtaking. (the salt pans collect salt water, the water is evaporated by the harsh mediterranean sun, and perfect sea salt is left behind!)

^^^ happy girls! after walking around the market and checking out the salt pans in the brutal heat of the mid-day sun, we front-flipped at the chance to cool off in this dream of a canal while cedric got the shots he needed. 

cedric treated us to seafood lunch on the water and man was it FRESH. ^^^ notice that silly boy enviously sniffing my shrimpies in the background... hah!

we enjoyed our meals over conversation about creativity and chasing dreams, while little girls splashed and giggled in the shallow waters next to our table. the happiness was contagious, and it just kept on building as the day went on. 

we explored the old, fortified citadel in the center of the island, where all the action has been happening for the past 4,000 years. 

later, we drove to another beach on the other side of the island, where we realized that either cedric's car had zero gas OR just not enough gas for the floater to register while we were parked on an incline... so we did a bit of pushing, got the car running (thank god... err, calypso!), and got to a gas station juuust in time. 

then, as the sun began to set, we rushed into the direction of the most beautiful spot on the island. it's a spot that's been filmed many times for television and movies (most recently---game of thrones!). the sunset we shared there goes down as one of the most epic moments of my life. pictures coming soon :)