i must be dreaming*

when i look back on the most magical moments from all my travels (from all my LIFE, for that matter) almost all of them involve a sunset. there's something about the fast changes of all our surroundings at that time of day that feel so surreal and sacred.

we three hurried over a rocky path of limestone steps, rushing to get to the right spot while the colors were at their most vibrant. we turned the corner of a cliff to find the azure window---a space where a cave once collapsed and sank into the sea.

the other tourists watched the sun sink from the safety of the limestone steps, some near the top of the cliff, and some even still in the parking lot. but we three wanted to be enveloped by the scene. so we swam in it---a perfect little pool with a view of the silhouetted window, the clearest horizon i've ever seen, and the little globe that was soon swallowed by the sea.