lately i've learned

+ when things aren't going smoothly and it's really a struggle just getting by, the situation you're in is probably not meant to be. all those obstacles are the sign. move onto the next opportunity and be grateful for the lesson.

+ once you make the move in he right direction, everything will fall into place and feel very serendipitous and dream-like... like when you get the the airport 15 minutes too late, but the man at the check-in counter re-opens the computer system just for you. and then you get on board and get seated in first class with the only other passenger on the ENTIRE PLANE, thanks to some fluke concerning the flight the day before. all the flight attendants pamper you with free food and dessert and never-ending wine. if you don't think that's a sign you're making the right decision, you won't know what is!

+ even if you get spoiled with a serendipitous opportunity like that ^^, it's maybe not a good idea to consume an entire bottle of that free first class wine... because a hangover will likely kick in half-way through your connecting flight. and where do you NOT want to be hungover? in the middle seat on a 5 hour flight, stuck between two very large, snoring men. 

belieeeeve me,