a belated review of 2013 (because the ocean/islands don't get good internet service)

:) 2013 was, without question, the WILDEST year of my life.

it was the year of fearless exploration, shameless experiences, spiritual realization, and rebellion against all conventions. it was the year of finally coming into my own. it was my best year, yet!

JANUARY: at the start of the year, i was already working full swing as a snorkel instructor and sailing crew in the us virgin islands. i was savoring the unparalleled solitude of free diving in the deep blue sea, and the chaotic revelry of those daily island antics. see videos here and here!!

FEBRUARY: i spent the best nights of my life at bonfire parties on secluded beaches beneath the brightest stars, continued working with the best crew a girl can ask for, and my best friend from home came to visit me for a week!

MARCH: i explored neighboring islands with friends, and took many leaps--leaps of faith, leaps of reckless abandon, and accidental leaps of severe clumsiness. i went spearfishing with friends, and cooked our catches for dinner. witnessing the loss of a life made me question the job, but inevitably made me and my abilities and my relationship with my crew THAT much stronger. i learned to embrace the unknown, because life is too short to be afraid.

APRIL: i went scuba diving for the first time, three times in a row. i worked my last trips on castaway girl, and bid farewell to my boat and my crew and all my turtle friends. i said goodbye to a boy i was wholly and unapologetically in love with. i left st thomas, and returned to the states. "we should all always live as if we're leaving."

MAY: back in the states--i spent time in ohio, vegas, and florida. in ohio, i recovered my body from the 7 months of non-stop movement. i slept and juiced and read books(!) and wrote things and launched this new website. i spent time with my mom and brother, and enjoyed ohio's most beautiful month of the year. in vegas, i spent time with my dad and family, explored red rocks, and got ready for europe. in florida, i visited with two of my very best friends in a beach house in ponce inlet.

JUNE: i flew to barcelona alone, met up with the greatest possible group of creative nomads, and partied for a week in the city. i volunteered for a beautiful family on a farm in the mountains of catalonia. i flew to paris alone, got turned down by shakespeare and co., but got really brave and found the good graces of the lovely couchsurfing community. i stayed in paris for over two weeks with born-and-bred parisians, and later met up with the majority of my gypsy gang!

JULY: i had my first european hitchhiking experiences. i celebrated my 23rd birthday in amsterdam with three girls who i hardly knew, but now consider some of my greatest friends. i spent a couple more weeks in amsterdam, where i got sick, recovered and wrote, went on dates with dutch guys, and got invited to house-sit in malta. later, noelle and i hitchhiked again to berlin and spent one wild week in germany before taking off for malta! 


part two of my 2013, coming soon!