callie and the caribbean

have you guys ever met someone, or seen someone from afar, and instantly been intrigued? or maybe felt like you'd met/known them before that moment?

well, remember this gang in ohio? that girl to the left of me in the photo is named callie. when i first saw her couchsurfing profile, i knew i KNEW her, ya know? not long after realizing our mutual love of yoga, warm weather, and hiking, i began convincing her to move to st thomas (before i even knew i'd be going back). 

fast-forward a few weeks, some deep conversations, and some packing procrastination nightmares annnd HERE WE ARE!  callie and i came to st thomas together in early december and now have plans to adventure through costa rica next month! she had already been restless to get out of ohio for a while, and had an instinct to flee to the caribbean, but she said meeting me gave her to confidence to really go for it. i am honored beyond belief to share this experience with her, because she's maybe my new favorite person :)

i've had so much fun showing callie around the island, and seeing it new again through her eyes. and then watching her manifest her own perfect happiness---this girl is a force to be reckoned with. i cannot WAIT to explore la pura vida with her in a few short weeks! :)