a belated review of 2013, part deux

a very belated review of my 2013, because i was on a boat out at sea. also! it's the chinese new year, so that counts! year of the horse, woop woop! :) see part one here!

AUGUST: we house-sat for a wonderful dutch couple for over two weeks in MALTA. we explored surrounding islands, silent cities, and countless sunsets in the most magnificent settings. and on that windy balcony, i learned about sound frequencies and energy vibrations and quantum mechanics. i flew back to paris, reunited with a friend from the islands, travelled to a beach town called deauville, explored the cliffs of normandy, said goodbye to europe, and finally flew back to the states.

SEPTEMBER: i went back to ohio and again replenished my tired, traveled bones. i did my first real juice cleanse, caught up on writing, read a few books, and saw the avett brothers perform in cleveland. i reached out to the couchsurfing community and brought together ten of the coolest people i've ever met. and at the end of the month, on my way back to vegas, i visited a dear friend in jacksonville

OCTOBER: i lived in vegas with family for a month. I got addicted to hot yoga, played in the mountains, went to my first vegas club, worked at anthropologie, quit materialism, discovered the downtown vegas arts community, christine visited, annnd i volunteered for the Life is Beautiful festival

NOVEMBER: i went back to ohio to surprise my mom for her birthday. we road-tripped to kentucky and i got to finally see where her side of the family came from. in the process, i saved, trained, fell in love with, and said goodbye to a sweet beagle puppy named shiloh. i spent invaluable time with some really special people, and got to see snow fall before leaving again. i spent thanksgiving in central florida with my cousin (favorite person ever) and his family. i recharged my mind at christine's beach house. and i may or may not have gotten my first tattoo with her ;)

DECEMBER: i traveled from daytona to ohio to vegas and then returned to the virgin islands! i reunited with a community of people that i truly love. i learned how to sail a monohull, and then filled in on my old catamaran and the new monohull. i spent christmas with my best friends and some awesome strangers. and i rang in the new year at a bonfire on beach with free champagne and some of the brightest stars i've ever seen.


2013 was the wildest ride of my life, thus far.

skimming over this summary reminds me of just how much i accomplished, what adversities i overcame, and all of the incredible friends i made along the way. but more than anything, it reminds me that i lived as deliberately and as freely as was physically possible for me. 

we humans have the toxic tendency to doubt ourselves on a daily basis. we sometimes hesitate toward the unsure future, and look back on past actions with regret. but to regret something in the past is to wish away a valuable lesson which would invariably detract from who we are.

there were times this past year, where i wished i had taken more advantage of the moment. times where i wished i had gone somewhere else.  times i wished i'd spent my money differently. there were nights i drank a bit too much. and some moments where i wished i could've simply kept my mouth shut.

but those times--those moments--were merely brief, mental traffic-jams of self-doubt... doubt in myself and in the perfection that is this creation we are all weaving. looking back, i now know that every little thing happened just the way it was meant to.

because i wasn't made to keep my mouth shut when my heart is loud. and every place i went to provided puzzle pieces for some epic realizations that i wouldn't trade for anything. and those drunken nights? well they taught me my limits, and made for some hilarious stories that i will never get tired of telling.

so i do not regret. i write. and in truth, i write about my life for ME---to force myself to reflect, to learn, and to acknowledge the purpose of this path i've chosen. and if in the process there is the slightest chance that the events of my life, the things i learn, or the wild situations i find myself in can somehow inspire someone reading along to live their life deliberately---to live with purpose and to consciously move toward fulfilling their dreams---well, that alone makes it worth it to me. 

i love you all. really, i do. and i wish you all a wild and fulfilling 2014! xoxo