scenes from st thomas

snapshots of scenes from st thomas

this is the landing strip for the only airport in the upper US virgin islands. on the day that callie and i went to that farmer's market, we stopped here and watched a couple planes land. it's scary how close they get to the water!

there are a couple spots around st thomas where the surf picks up during the winter months. a friend took callie and i to hull bay to check out the waves. callie went out and gave it a shot, but i opted to stay on the beach with a book because the break was a little to close to shallow reef for my liking. so i still have yet to learn how to surf... crossing my fingers it'll happen in costa rica or hawaii this spring! :)

this is a heavenly dirty chai latte from my favorite cafe on the island, called barefoot buddha. and that's my little travel wallet, which i lost near a bus stop in havensight. i went back and looked for it, but no dice. but over a week later, i was sailing around the british islands with friends, and amber called to tell me someone turned my wallet into the yacht haven security office! of course, it was missing the $30 i had in it (finder's fee?), but at least i got my peace back :)

one monday, kim and i took the ferry over to water island for movie night. a couple of silly boys met up with us and made us laugh through the entire thing. and to be honest, i was way to enamored by the beauty of our surroundings to pay attention to the film anyway. they played cartoons as the sun set---perhaps cause they knew the REAL show was behind the screen ;) but when the sun was gone and the movie came on, i could not take my eyes off the STARS. and then the cute faces on the rows of people watching that projection hanging from two palm trees. and then a cute sailor boy with blonde dreads sat next to me and we talked about sailing and traveling and thoooose STARS :) nature is my favorite form of entertainment.

my sweet kim works at a pool bar at a resort on the south side of the island. i love going down to visit her, and bringing along a few of my best friends. because, besides the excellent service, it's the perfect spot to relax and have real, genuine, uninterrupted conversation. it's quaint and quiet and only a stone's throw from the beach. i'll take that over a rowdy sport's bar almost any day ;)