that time we got stranded on a deserted island

after our sail to anegada and another night in tortola, we stopped at a small, uninhabited island near jost van dyke, called sandy cay.

we tied our catamaran up to a mooring ball near the island and drove the dingy onto the beach. these gopro pictures don't do it justice, so just believe me when i tell you it was one of the most beautiful beaches i've ever ever seen. 

we walked around the island and explored this trail that went through the center of it, in one big loop. there was a really beautiful view from a cliff at the top of the trail, and a big tree a little more than halfway through. 

after the boys climbed the big tree, we were leisurely walking along the rocky path with our bare feet when a young australian man came toward us from the opposite direction on the path, stopped in front of us and said, "are you all from the catamaran with the blue sail bag? it's broken a mooring ball and is drifting away."

...needless to say, we all ran as fast as we could back to the beach only to find that our catamaran looked like a tiny little white spec, drifting out amongst the deeper blues.

the australian man hopped back on his dingy, wished us luck, and then rode on back to the gigantic yacht that was anchored near the island (straight off the bow in the first picture of this post ^^). 

and because our little dingy went painfully slow with six people in it, chelsea and her dad raced off to save our Friend Ship on their own, leaving angela, barrhett, dan, and i to nervously bite our nails on the beach...

actually, the boys went back onto the trail, monkey-climbed a palm tree and knocked down some coconuts, while angela and i went for a swim to cool off. because luckily, our Friend Ship was drifting back into the channel, so it wasn't in danger of running aground or harming any other vessels. we knew chelsea and captain chuck would get our boat back without a scratch... so we figured why not enjoy being stranded on this pretty island in the mean time? :)

it turns out, the mooring ball broke off way down at the base, perhaps from the weight of our boat. you BET we reversed on every single mooring ball we tied up to after that! because drifting loose in the middle of a crowded harbor would've been a lot more serious than drifting away from an uninhabited island... 

so as far as kind of losing an expensive boat goes, we were pretty lucky! ;)