"what'd you put in the blender?" // "uh, everything."

there's a small spot on Jost Van Dyke, in the British Virgin Islands, where you're encouraged to go behind the bar and make your own drinks. 

Sydney's Peace and Love is a little dive bar located in Little harbor. it really doesn't look like much from afar, but i've come to learn that the best bars in the Caribbean are the little hole-in-the-walls that you'd least expect to be world-famous. 

this place is covered in writing from boaters from around the world. every square inch is filled with scribblings of names and dates and inside jokes. and a good portion of the ceiling is dripping with old t-shirts that people signed and left behind, to leave their imprint on paradise.

we found a vacant spot and branded it "Friend Ship 2014", with all our signatures. to add to the collection of sailors and vacationers and drinkers and wanderers who now hold an everlasting presence in that small, sentimental space.