norman island

we spent the last couple days of our trip around norman island.

we spent a night hanging at the infamous willy t's boat bar, and then another night recovering from it. we toured a beautiful 72 foot yacht with a suave captain who wanted to hire me to live on his boat and work as crew. and we spent a perfect morning exploring the best snorkel spot i've ever seen. 

after our last day on norman island, we sailed back to tortola, where i caught the ferry back to st thomas. it's crazy how quickly this trip went by!

i used to wonder how people could live on a boat for long periods of time. the small spaces and lack of conveniences kind of puzzled me. but after i easily got used to being rocked to sleep by the sea, i began to like the idea of living on a boat for a while.

i think the small spaces are lovely. it forces everyone on board to come together and interact more regularly. and the wide open spaces you explore along the way more than make up for any temporary lack of wiggle room. 

it's a simplistic way of life---one that i got a taste of, and am beginning to crave more and more. i love the self-sustainability of it---the mostly relying on the sun and the wind and the sea to propel you onwards. it's a very romantic relationship with nature, and so very fulfilling. and it's certainly different from the hustle and bustle of just working on a sailboat. because at the end of the day, there are no rules or strangers or deadlines. just the elements 

so the real question is, who wants to hop on a sail boat in sayyy southeast asia and check out that part of the world with me?!? :) :)